2017 Armada Electrical Issue?

2017, has 27,000 miles on it. Everything is great except this one issue.

Going on second battery in first year of our ownership. According to dealer battery was replaced once before we owned it. Blamed it on, "car probably sat on the lot too long at the old dealership and had to be replaced". The argument, while valid I'm sure for older cars or cars that sat for long periods of time, this car has not even been created for a long period of time. Not to mention this car did not sit on the lot very long after it was up for sale and has worked fine for many months.

The symptoms are, the vehicle will work fine one day and then the next day or the next time you start the vehicle almost irregardless of how long it has sat in between starts will start shaky or not at all. Identical symptoms to dead battery. Then not start at all. Will successfully jump off, and trickle charge will resolve this issue for approximately 1 month.

First time we took it back to the dealer they said it's under warranty and they blamed it on the battery needing to go on a "super charger". Which was laughable. They did not indicate which tests they ran or did not run only saying that it was charging fine and then it had to be deep charged to condition the battery.

The second time we took it to the dealership they went ahead and swapped out the battery. This worked out fine for about a month and has now started to have the same problems again.

Getting the obvious out of the way; we have not left any lights on, all terminal connections appear good, no corrosion on the 1 month old battery, and no other constant issues that could be symptomatic of this issue. My hunch is that there is a slow drain on the battery with the vehicles in the off position similar to a light being left on but can find none on when this issue presents itself.

Thanks for any help you might have!
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